Fighting Stretch Marks Naturally With Trilastin

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I suffered from this problem of stretch marks since I was thirteen. They were so stubborn and dark that I could not wear many of my favorite outfits. As I grew old, these marks started spreading from my waist to inner thighs, lower back as well as buttocks. I tried so many products that are advertised here and there, but nothing seemed to help me. The marks looked so bad that I gave up wearing minis, Capri and short tops and skirts. Even in summers, I used to keep my body as covered as possible so that those marks were hidden properly. Life became miserable and I lost confidence.

Then I came across this Trilastin cream that was very famous and users claimed that it worked for all of them. I continued checking for its reviews on internet and the response was absolutely amazing! So, I thought that this is the last time. Let me try this one for once and if this does not work either, then I would not spend a single penny more on any other cream. So, I bought Trilastin and started using this cream. Initially, I could not see any changes in the marks and I thought that it is not going to work either.

Then my mother suggested me to continue using this cream for few more days. It was already two weeks and just because my mother said, I thought I will try it for two more weeks. As the third week passed, I started seeing some changes in the marks. However, it was nothing big, so I thought it might be some illusion or my mind is playing games with me. I was in the mid of fourth week when I noticed that indeed stretch marks seemed lighter and were actually fading! I wasted no time and clicked a picture of the marks to compare them next time. I was thrilled and that is why, I continued the usage of cream all through fifth week as well.

By the end of fifth week, I compared the picture I took before with the current marks. Amazingly, they faded even more and now, I could see the results in front of my eyes! Yes, it felt too good to see those stubborn marks disappearing. I continued using this product for a longer period and the marks vanished completely. So far, I have not seen any new marks on my body. But this cream worked wonders for me and that is why, I recommend it to all my friends and relatives who suffer from stretch marks.

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Fighting Stretch Marks Naturally With Trilastin

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This article was published on 2011/04/26