Cream Whipper To Refresh Daily Menu List With Cream Rich Dishes

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Are you a real taste enthusiast as well as health conscious? You can make your food intake more beneficial and tastier as well. Make the commonly used whip cream at home. Seems a joke but it is reality; and you too can do it even if you spend every day with very hectic schedule. Making whip cream at home is just a kids game and the whole affair takes just about 4-5 minutes. You do not need to be expert for all of these activities; just from scratch you will start making perfect whip cream at home that would be better than packed cream in many respects. To get all of these benefits, you need the duo of cream chargers pack and cream whipper.

Cream charger is the small unit of about 8 centimeter size made in cylindrical shape. These are made recyclable steel. These are available in variety of packs containing 20, 30, 40 or even up to 250 units. You can buy the family pack also to save more as it contains more units. Do not worry about the expiry or shelf life; these are made to be used up to 24 months after manufacturing date. Each unit contains about 8 grams of N2O gas that is called Nitrogen oxide. The use of this gas has been certified safe for domestic cream making. Innovators have invented many alternative applications also. Using homemade whip cream for shaving cream or making face wash are the just the two out of many. The home cream can be used to blend the beverage with unique flavor. As the cost of homemade cream is very low in comparison to readymade cream, so you can use it to refresh your daily menu list with new cream rich dishes. To use cream charger safely, you need cream whipper.

Cream whipper is known as cream dispenser also. It is a small jar type unit made of steel or ABS. It has a nozzle at top side. It comes with a screw lid that prevents the cream spillage during the use. The cream charger is fixed in a socket built inside the chamber. The raw fat cream is filled in the chamber with sugar and desired color or fragrance. Fix the cream charger also known as whippet in the socket and place the lid. Shake the cream whipper for 5-6 minutes comfortably and your best whip cream is ready to decorate the dishes or to blend the beverages. The best feature of cream whipper is that it does not use electricity or flame; so it is safe for use even by kids.

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Cream Whipper To Refresh Daily Menu List With Cream Rich Dishes

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Cream Whipper To Refresh Daily Menu List With Cream Rich Dishes

This article was published on 2012/04/21