Cream Chargers, Your Secret To Fresh Whipped Cream

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Freshly whipped cream is easy to prepare these days without having to rely on those pre-packed ones. All you need is a cream whipper along with cream chargers or disposable gas cylinders to create it. However, you cannot use just any type of gas cylinder. It has to be nitrous oxide cartridges. The properties of N2O are essential as they become the whipping agents for the cream whipper. They easily blend well into the cream without causing it to oxidize.

Whipping cream is never this easy to do especially if you need them quickly for coffee recipes, pastry toppings and soups. No need to put out your whisk and beat it vigorously or do it with a mixer. With a cream whipper, all you need to do is to fill it up with your choice of heavy cream, sugar and flavoring. Close it, slip in the nitrous oxide cartridges into the charger holder and screw it up. Shake it briskly for a few times, then open the charger holder and remove the N2O gas cartridge. Place the decorator tip on top and you are armed with freshly whipped cream.

While the whole process is relatively easy to do, if you keep on doing it, chances are it might easily break down if you are not using high quality cream whipper device. It is also essential that you only use the right gas cylinders that would match your cream whipper extremely well. It is also important that you do not use carbon dioxide cartridges or CO2 gas-filled cylinders for whipping cream as it would just give you devastating result. You will not only waste time but also money for making the mistake. These carbon dioxide gas cylinders are used with soda siphon to produce soda water from regular water.

There are plenty of different types of disposable gas-filled cylinders. It is only practical to be aware of their differences especially if you are using them for food and beverage consumption. The HACCP certified gas cartridges are the best ones to use for you cream whipper. You are guaranteed that these food-grade nitrous oxide cartridges are manufactured in the best way possible. They are not only durable and safe but also clean for food application. Choose a reputable manufacturer when you shop for these kitchen gadgets. It is even better if you choose gas cylinders that are marked by their manufacturer with a logo, production code and the city where it was manufactured.

The European manufacturers are quite strict with their production procedures. Their products are made not only with the best materials but also with the best technology. There is no need to worry if they can efficiently provide pure, freshly whipped cream. No wonder most professional bakers, baristas and gourmet chefs prefer to use them in their respective kitchens. Their success in food and beverage preparation relies heavily on the kind of equipment they use. When you expect for best results then use the best devices that the industry has to offer.

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Cream Chargers, Your Secret To Fresh Whipped Cream

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This article was published on 2010/09/27